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New York Special License Plates Laws

New York allows many special license plates for vehicles registered in the state. These regulations are outlined in New York Laws, VAT – Vehicle and Traffic, Title 4 – Registration of Vehicles, Article 14 – Registration of Motor Vehicles.

Issuance of special number plates in New York carries an annual fee not less than $18.75 and no more than $31.25, depending on type of license plates.

NY laws state that any special number plates may not contain more than 8 letters, numerals or any combination thereof.

Special or distinctive license plates are issued to the following:

  1. volunteer firefighters
  2. former prisoners of war
  3. members of the organized militia and reserve
  4. purple heart recipients
  5. members of volunteer ambulance services
  6. members of the Jewish War Veterans of America
  7. gold star mothers
  8. veterans who survived Pearl Harbor
  9. Marine Corps League members
  10. medal of honor recipients
  11. congressional medal of honor recipients
  12. licensed dentists who are members of NY State Dental Association
  13. United States Naval Armed Guard members
  14. Eighth Air Force Historical Society
  15. war on terror veterans
  16. Persian Gulf veterans
  17. Catholic War Veterans of America members
  18. water rescue team members
  19. Saratoga national cemetery honor guard association members

Any person residing in state of New York can also apply for these distinctive plates:

  1. distinctive plates with “Birthplace of Baseball” written
  2. plates commemorating the World University Games
  3. “Olympic Spirit” license plates
  4. “Animal Population Control Fund” plates
  5. “Drive for the cure” license plates
  6. distinctive plates for the council on the arts
  7. “foreign organization” plates
  8. “I love New York” plates
  9. “Drive out diabetes”

And more, including distinctive plates for: autism awareness, “Love your library”, “Discover Queens”, “Ducks Unlimited”, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, “Cure Childhood Cancer”, conserve habitat, “peace at home”, “national multiple sclerosis society”, gift of life, “Erie canal”, agriculture, “keep kids drug free”.

There are specific regulations and requirements for some of these distinctive license plates. More information is available in New York statutes linked below.

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