Seat Belt Laws

New York Seat Belt Laws

New York seat belt laws are described in Vehicle & Traffic laws, Title 7: Rules of the Road, Article 33: Miscellaneous Rules, Section 1229-C: Operation of Vehicles with safety seats and safety belts. This Section of the law governs the use of car seat belts for adults.

What are the car seat laws in New York?

  1. In the state of New York, driver and front seat passengers must always wear a seat belt.
  2. Passengers under the age of 16 must wear seatbelts even when in back seats.
  3. Children over 4 and under 8 years old must use booster seats with lap and shoulder belts, or a child safety seat.
  4. Children under age of 4 must be seated in child safety seats.

Other seat belt regulations:

  • Every passenger regardless of age or seating position must be properly restrained if driver has a Class DJ learner permit, limited Class-DJ, or Class MJ driver license.
  • Each improperly restrained passenger will receive a separate citation and fine.
  • Seat belt usage is not required for taxi cab passengers.
  • Passengers must be restrained with both lap safety belt and shoulder harness belt in case both are present on seat.

In state of NY it is possible to receive medical exemptions for seat belt regulations. With certain physical disabilities and a certification by a licensed physician you can receive an exemption. If exempt from New York seat belt laws ensure you always carry your doctor’s certification while in a vehicle.

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How much is a ticket for seat belt in New York? Not wearing a safety belt in New York results in up to $50 civil fine for each violation.

Drivers can also get a traffic ticket if any child passenger younger than 16 is not wearing a seat belt or safety seat. Penalty is between $25 and $100 for each violation, and 3 driver license penalty points. Penalty points are given to driver only for persons under 16 who are not adequately restrained.

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