Child Passenger Safety Laws

New York Child Passenger Safety Seat Laws

Every state in the US has different laws regarding child safety. Most require you to use some sort of a child restraint system such as special seats with protective seat belts, with the position and features of such seats often closely regulated by various laws.

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Child safety seats and child seat belt laws in New York:

  1. All children under 4 years old must ride in child safety seats.
  2. All children from 4 to 8 must ride in child restraint systems: safety seats, harness vests, or booster seats with lap and shoulder belts.
  3. Children from 8 to 16 must always be fastened with seat belts, even in back seats.

Other regulations:

  • All child safety seats must be federally approved and attached to a vehicle by a safety belt or universal child restraint anchorage system (LATCH).
  • Child restraint systems must also meet the manufacturer’s size and weight requirements or recommendations for the child.
  • Driver is liable for penalties for all improperly restrained persons under age 16.
  • Seat belt use in school buses is regulated by school districts. Children under 4 must always be properly restrained in safety seats in school buses.
  • Children under 4 years old may be seated in booster seats with both lap and shoulder safety belts, provided the child weighs over 40 pounds.
  • When all safety seats are occupied, child who would normally be required to be seated in a booster seat may instead be secured by a lap belt.

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Violating child safety belts or restraint laws in NY state is punishable by law with a $25 to $100 fine. Driver will also receive 3 penalty points on their driver license record.

Child passenger safety laws are very important. Make sure your passengers are always properly restrained to avoid fines, but more importantly keep them safe.

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